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The following unique benefits apply to all 'Eco Solutions' products: Water-based, Unique and patented, Free of dangerous solvents, Free of caustic and caustic derivatives, pH neutral, Non-irritant. Cost-effective - go up to three times as far as solvent-based products. No hazards - no risk - no assessments. Minimal VOC content (0.000004%) as certified by an independent laboratory following a flame ionization detection test.

GRAFFITI GO! ™ All in one graffiti remover

Graffiti Go! ™ is the answer to the growing problem of graffiti damage, estimated at over £ 2 Billion in the U.K. alone.GRAFFITI GO! (TM), water based graffiti remover
  • Graffiti Go! ™ is a safe and easy to use all-round product that simultaneously does the work for which several different products would have been necessary in the past. It was formulated by Eco-Solutions from the most advanced, patented water-based technology in the world. Being harmless to human health and the environment, the product is safely being used by an increasing number of consumers and professional users alike.
  • Graffiti Go! Will safely work on the following substrates: All woods, All metals (including Aluminium), Stone (including soft and porous stones), Brick, Marble, Concrete, All plastics (may etch certain types of Perspex).
  • Graffiti Go! Will safely remove the following: All paints (including spray car paints), Graffiti shadow, Leather dye, Marker pens, Crayons, Fly-posters, Chewing gum.
  • Product features: Non-hazardous, Non-toxic and Solvent-free. Totally safe - no fumes, no skin burns. One product works on all surfaces. Non-caustic. PH neutral - leaves no efflorescence or salts. Cleaning off is easy - just use water.
  • One product does all - requires no pre-or after-treatment. No specialist personal protective equipment required. Will not affect substrates, as long as timing is adhered to. Graffiti Go!™ removes as many layers as you want to remove; ideal when removing unwanted paint marks from painted surfaces without damage to that painted surface (closely watch timing - test a small area first). Minimal VOC content; 0.000004%, as certified by an independent laboratory, following a flame ionisation detection test.
1 Litre will remove (depending on surface and severity of graffiti) approx 2-3 square meters. Prices shown are including VAT and delivery to UK mainland. Available in two sizes: a 500ml Spray top bottle and a 5L Refil. This product should arrive to you within 3-5 working days. You can also pay by cheque.
500ml Spray £14.52
5L £55.62

Also Available...

safe graffiti remover Anti Graffiti Durability Coating
For easier graffiti removal time after time. Graffiti Resistant! - stops absorbsion of graffiti media. Apply to any surface - Compatible with clean metals, brick, concrete, tile, mortar, plaster, etc or as protection over existing coatings (especially recomended for high traffic areas such as corridors and stairwells). Best Value! - One coat - easy application - permanent finish. Weathering and UV resistant - Up to 22 years protection. Stop using harmful chemical removers - graffiti washes or wipes away with safe removal products. Solvent free, VOC compliant - safe and virtually odour free. Stops absorption of graffiti. Provides excellent permanent protection from graffiti in a single coat. Reduces maintenance in the most demanding areas.

textured coating and wallpaper remover X-Tex™ Textured Coatings remover
This product allows the safe removal of textured coatings without causing dust from harmful fibres. In the United Kingdom, some plaster-type textured coatings (mainly sold before mid-1980) may contain harmful fibres. X-Tex™ Textured Coatings Remover will remove: Artex™ (Artex Blue Hawk), Bonded textured coatings, Non-bonded textured coatings, Painted wallpapers, Textured paints. X-Tex™ Textured Coatings Remover will safely work on the following substrates: Plasterboard / sheetrock, Stone, Brick. Product features: Water-based, Non-hazardous Non-caustic, pH-neutral, Solvent-free, Non-flammable, Non-combustible, Minimal evaporation. Clings 100% to all surfaces - including vertical surfaces and ceilings.

safe eco friendly paint and varnish removal Paint and Varnish Remover, Home Strip™
A revolutionary new paint stripper that is totally safe to its user and the environment. Home Strip™ is ideal for use by the trade, industrial users and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Suitable substrates: All hard woods, All soft woods, All metals (including soft metals such as Aluminium, brass and copper), Stone (including very soft porous stone), Brick, Marble, Concrete, All plastics and fibreglass (may etch certain types of plastics). Products it will safely remove: Lead-based paints, Oil-based paints, Solvent-based paints, Water-based paints & emulsions Polyurethanes Stains, Varnishes and waxes Intumescent and fire-resistant paints, Certain plastic coatings, Vehicle rust-preventative surface coatings. Product features: Water-based, Non-hazardous, Non-caustic, pH-neutral, Solvent-free, Non-flammable, Non-combustible, Minimal evaporation. Clings 100% to vertical surfaces - no drips or runs, hence no waste.

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