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Arka Ecopod

Respecting the Earth, Shaping the Future

The ecopod is an ecological coffin made from compressed newspaper. It can carry a person up to 115 kilos and up to 6ft (183cm) tall it but weighs only 14 kilos. Safe transport is made possible by a specially designed webbing cradle. The pod can be carried by family or friends of different heights using the handles provided. All ecopods are supplied with a fitted calico mattress and can also be supplied with a feather lining.

It is of great appeal to people who are not only concerned for the environment but who also wish to honour and celebrate the life of their loved one with dignity and style. The ecopod has passed all regulation and emission tests and is suitable for burial ceremonies.

"thank you so much for the quick delivery of our white Ecopod, it was such a healing for us and the children to decorate it. I know that Dad would have loved it, we will certainly recommend it." T Moore

Aztec Sun Gold design on red hand-made mulberry leaf and silk paper with matching carrying straps. Repeated design on the border is an ancient symbol of death and re-birth.

Doves In Flight Design on dark blue hand-made mulberry and silk paper with matching blue carrying straps.

Celtic Cross Silver design on dark green hand-made mulberry lear and silk paper with celtic border and matching green carrying straps.

White Silk Overlaid with white hand-made mulberry and silk paper this pod is beautiful in its simplicity, ideally suited for those who wish to add their own decoration. Supplied with white carrying straps.

Price: £716.20 including VAT and delivery to UK mainland. Delivery usually within 48 hours. Can be delivered straight to your funeral director.

Ecopods are out of temporarily out of production but acorn urns are available.

Acorn Urn Made from the same material this eco-friendly biodegradable urn is over laid with moss green or russet red hand-made paper. Supplied with a double walled box.

Price: £52.00 including VAT and delivery to UK mainland. Delivery usually within 48 hours. Can be delivered straight to your funeral director.

Acorn Urn

Also Available...

earthurn biodegradable urn Biodegradable Urns
Journey Earthurn is perfect for ocean or deep water burial and is accepted for Royal Navy Burials at sea. These biodegradable urns are engineered to float momentarily and then gracefully sink. Once on the ocean floor, the urn will break down naturally over time. Simplicity Earthurn is a simple and durable urn that opens easily for scattering or it can be used as a biodegradable urn. Once buried the Simplicity Earthurn will biodegrade naturally. Earthurns are handmade using a centuries old paper making technique. The bark from the mulberry tree is harvested, leaving the tree alive and intact. After the bark is soaked, the resulting pulp is laid out on bamboo screens, often with floral material inlaid, and dried in the sun. Once dry the paper is used to create the beautiful and earth-friendly urns,which will break down in water or soil.

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